Changes to routes and lanes on Rantatie, Paasikivenkatu and Sepänkatu

Traffic arrangements due to tramway work are being completed on Rantatie, Paasikivenkatu and Sepänkatu. They will cause changes to pedestrian and cycling routes from 24 November onwards. The changes are long term.

Pedestrian and cycle traffic from Paasikivenkatu to Onkiniemenkatu and Haarlankatu

With the new arrangements, the pedestrian and cycling route from Rantatie to Paasikivenkatu to the south of Paasikivenkatu will be closed on week 49. In addition, the stair connection from Rantatie bridge to Paasikivenkatu will be also closed on week 49. A new light-controlled pedestrian crossing at the Haarla factory building was made and came into use on Tuesday 24 November, from where the detour will pass through Haarlankatu and Onkiniemenkatu and from there on to Näsijärvenkatu and towards the city centre. With the new detour, the pedestrian and cycling route on the southern edge of Paasikivenkatu will be closed up to Sepänkatu.

Pedestrian and bicycle traffic on Sepänkatu will be closed on the western side of the bridge and diverted to the other side of the street. A roundabout is now in use at the junction of Sepänkatu and Paasikivenkatu in order to improve the flow of motor traffic.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be guided by black and yellow signposts according to a separate plan.

Temporary routes for pedestrians and cycling

Bus stop changes in Santalahti and Rantatie

Due to changes in pedestrian routes, bus stop Santalahti 1003 for buses towards the city centre will be accessible through Tiporaitti or a detour through Haarlankatu.

Bus traffic arrangements will also be carried out on Rantatie during week 48. Bus stop Rantatie 1007 for bus lines 3, 21, 71, 72, 80 and 85 towards the city centre will be closed due to the worksite from 25 November until 4 December 2020. The nearest replacement stop is Venesatama 1009, which is a walk of about 6 minutes towards Lielahti.

Bus stop Santalahti 1002for west-bound bus lines has been moved to Paasikivenkatu bridge as a roadway bus stop. The ramp leading from Paasikivenkatu to Paasikiventie will be changed to a one-lane ramp on around Wednesday this week by closing the present right-hand lane. Drivers should watch out for buses leaving from the bus stop and entering the left-hand lane. Car traffic must give way to a bus leaving from a bus stop.