Traffic arrangements to Pyynikintori and Pirkankatu due to tramway construction

Due to new phases of the tramway construction, traffic arrangements and routes on Pyynikintori and Pirkankatu will change significantly starting from week 26.

Changes to Pyynikintori’s routes and bus traffic

The junction between Pyynikintori’s eastern side and Pirkankatu as well as the junction’s pedestrian crossing on Pirkankatu will be closed on Tuesday June 26 at 7 am. At the same time, the pedestrian crossing at Pyynikintori’s eastern side will change places slightly. In the future, car traffic will go from Pyynikintori’s eastern side through the square to its western side and from there to Pirkankatu. In practice, there will be a unidirectional roundabout for car and bus traffic. The square’s taxi stand will move to the square’s southern side.

The position of bus platforms at the Pyynikintori square will change. In future, buses will enter the square from Pyynikintori’s southern side and exit it using the current entrance route located on the square’s western side. On Pyynikintori’s western side, in front of Heinätori, car traffic will become bidirectional. At the same time, cycling and pedestrian routes will be changed. The cycling route will be moved to the front of Heinätori and pedestrian routes to the other side of the street. From Pyynikintori’s western side, car traffic can turn to Pirkankatu, east towards the city centre and west.

The traffic arrangements on Pyynikintori are long-term and will be expected to last at least a year. The arrangements are necessary due to the moving of pipelines and construction of the track foundation and surface structure, meaning the installation of the track slab and rails.


Pedestrian and cycling routes change 26.6.
Pedestrian and cycling routes change 26.6.